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Whatever business you are in, and whoever you are, everyone has a responsibility to be more Sustainable


We’ll show you how

Our School
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I know you know this….

  • Sustainability is a 'hot topic' for businesses and individuals today but it's hard to know where to start

  • The Gen Z and Gen Alpha age groups today are the Luxury consumers of tomorrow and they're asking difficult questions of the brands they buy to check that they are being 'responsible'

  • Luxury brands have so far made very little effort in improving their Sustainability beyond the PR activities they promote

  • Sustainability is a profit opportunity for the smarter business owner

  • Research shows that in 10 years' time, if you have not shifted to a more sustainable way of doing business, you probably won't exist

As India's premier 'Green School' we will help you navigate the confusion of Sustainability to help you future-proof your business...and the Earth

You need guidance and solutions that are….

  • Giving you straightforward actionable information on how you can be more sustainable 

  • Customised activities to make it relevant to your business and industry

  • Delivered by Subject Matter Experts who can communicate ideas clearly

  • High impact, practical, skills-based and action-focused training

  • Available as a time efficient ‘one-off’ event or as a more intensive series of workshops

Discover the range of Sustainability workshops we offer

Here are FOUR ways that we can help you

Invite your team to a 1 hour 'Introduction to Sustainability' Masterclass to get them involved

Choose one of our 3 hour specialist Foundations in Sustainability training sessions tailored to your industry

Hold a Sustainability Event at your head office including 'Lunchtime Learning' classes for your teams

Use our comprehensive consultancy and coaching package to transform your approach to Sustainability forever

Meet your Training Team

Helen M Cooper

  • Founder & CEO

  • Industry veteran of 35 years

  • Brand strategy & IP specialist

  • Sustainability Evangelist

  • Royal Mint, Virgin, Ruby & Millie

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Neena L Malhotra
  • Managing Director

  • Luxury Brand Communications

  • Sustainability specialist

  • Tutor at SP Jain, Pearl Academy

  • Former Managing Editor, Elle India

Shelly Pal

  • Senior Tutor

  • Luxury Brands & Retail Expert

  • Tutor at Pearl Academy

  • Luxury & Technology specialist

  • Former Retail Manager, Gucci

Krupa Desai

  • Senior Tutor

  • Brand Valuations Expert

  • Tutor at ICIS Univ, Mumbai Univ.

  • Finance & investment specialist

  • Former Manager, Bombay Stock Exchange

The 3 hour specialist workshop on Sustainability was a real eye-opener for our students – and they loved it!

Pranil Kale

Assistant Program Manager MGLUXM

S P Jain School of Global Management

Helen Cooper's masterclass on "Becoming an eco-Superhero" was enjoyable and inspired active engagement from the students. They also loved her inclusion of looking at Sustainability in the hospitality sector.

Dr. Ketan Chande

Associate Professor, NMIMS Navi Mumbai

I worked with Helen for just over 2 years and was impressed not only by her deep knowledge of the Beauty and Wellness industry, but also her commitment to the ethical and sustainable values that are so important. 


She has the ability to see the bigger picture and identify commercial opportunities from a strategic and sustainable viewpoint, and this really helped to focus the team. 

Susan Curtis

Director of Sustainability

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Email us to find out how we can help you or WhatsApp us on +91 88500 21322

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