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Times are changing and India is at the forefront of global Luxury. You need to make the most of this opportunity.


We’ll show you how

There are five elements in what we call The Luxury Shift:

  • The New Luxury consumer is younger, more middle class, and demanding greater ethical and sustainable qualities from the brands they buy. Established Luxury companies are really struggling with this, leaving opportunities for new luxury brands that start from a sustainability position.

  • The definition of Luxury is changing from ‘outer recognition’ to ‘inner reward and indulgence’. ‘Status’ has been the bedrock of the old Luxury brands, but this is gradually being eroded by this change, especially with the advance of the Quiet Luxury trend.

  • Craft as Luxury is emerging with an increased appreciation of Indian crafts and skills. Consumers in developing economies such as India are starting to question why western brands should feel that they ‘own’ the Luxury market, especially when so much of their range is made outside of Europe.

  • A growing interest in Learning and Experience within Luxury, with consumers wanting to get more from their brand than just a new product. Established Luxury brands have not responded fast enough to this form of personalisation, even though it is the essence of Luxury. Connecting with the Makers and seeing them using their craft is very motivating for consumers, and cuts across age, gender, wealth, or location.

  • The focus on China for most major Luxury players is leaving a growing Luxury market like India open to new brands. They have effectively ‘bypassed’ India simply because it is not yet in the top 5 Luxury markets. The pandemic highlighted this risk to leading brands with the extended lockdowns, and now they are entering India at very rapid rate.

India has a rich heritage and culture of Luxury in both products and service, so when all of these other factors are added this is a very significant ‘window of opportunity’ for local Luxury entrepreneurs, brands, and professionals to develop stronger ties with their local Luxury consumer.

We are committed to helping local Indian created Luxury (and Premium) brands to have a greater role in the growing market, using western Luxury training and consultancy perspectives to achieve that.

Our unique combination of Consultancy and Training, combined with our expertise in Luxury and Sustainability will identify and deliver the shift in your business.



Call us to find out how we can help you make the most of this opportunity

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