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Give your students a more rounded view of their career options in Luxury.


We’ll show you how

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I know you know this….

  • Luxury is often overlooked or undervalued as a viable career choice

  • Not all students are suited to a STEM subject based career

  • Luxury as a market is growing rapidly in India

  • Career opportunities in Luxury are increasing for talented graduates

  • Luxury brands can open the door to overseas careers later on

  • Your students are interested in Sustainability but you're not sure how that fits with a Luxury career

You need a specialist in Luxury and Sustainability who can give your students….

  • An introduction to what a career in Luxury looks like from their own personal experience

  • A well-rounded perspective of the Luxury ecosystem and roles within that

  • Highly experienced speakers used to managing classroom situations

  • Professional and high quality presentations that engage and inspire

  • Broad subject knowledge to expand understanding of Luxury as a market, and Sustainability as a way of life

Discover the range of workshops we offer for schools

Here are FOUR ways that we can help you

Specialist guest speaker at a seminar or online webinar on Luxury careers

1 hour exclusive workshops that provide inside info on Luxury and Sustainability

Specific Q&A sessions looking at careers in different sectors and roles

The Luxury Business mini MBA for students who are serious about pursuing a degree or career in Luxury

Meet your Teaching Team

Helen M Cooper

  • Founder & CEO

  • Industry veteran of 35 years

  • Brand strategy & IP specialist

  • Sustainability Evangelist

  • Royal Mint, Virgin, Ruby & Millie

Neena headshot - updated 2023 BW square v4.jpg
Neena L Malhotra
  • Managing Director

  • Luxury Brand Communications

  • Sustainability specialist

  • Tutor at SP Jain, Pearl Academy

  • Former Managing Editor, Elle India

Shelly Pal

  • Senior Tutor

  • Luxury Brands & Retail Expert

  • Tutor at Pearl Academy

  • Luxury & Technology specialist

  • Former Retail Manager, Gucci

Krupa Desai

  • Senior Tutor

  • Brand Valuations Expert

  • Tutor at ICIS Univ, Mumbai Univ.

  • Finance & investment specialist

  • Former Manager, Bombay Stock Exchange

The Future of Luxury lies in the hands of the next generation of Luxury consumers, business people, and creators.


Gen Alpha is even more aware of the need for a more environmentally conscious way of living and working. Greta Thunberg is a clear example of this.


They are the most educated generation of all time, and they are digital natives who exist in the metaverse.


There is no expectation that they will have to compromise between the things they want and the sustainability of those products and services.

Brands that don't recognise that will quickly become irrelevant - and extinct.

Schools and teachers have a critical role in informing their students of the broadest of career options at an early stage so that crafts and skills of their heritage are valued, protected, and used in more interesting ways.

The world needs more balance. Not everything can be about science or finance. A world without Luxury is a world without beauty - and that's a very sad place in which to exist.

By working together we can help the next generation find a future in Luxury that is also Sustainable.

Helen Cooper

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We will build bespoke content and events to support you and your students...

  • Workshops on careers in Luxury from people who have experienced this themselves

  • Honest Q&A sessions about what it takes to be successful in Luxury

  • Provide sessions on how Luxury is becoming more Sustainable and eco-conscious

  • Single sessions or longer learning programmes available

Email us to find out how we can help you or WhatsApp us on +91 88500 21322

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