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Krupa Desai

Brand Valuation & Finance

Krupa is one of our newest tutors but has already made a huge impact on the breadth of skills training and coaching that we can offer.

Her personal education background is as a Certified Financial Risk Management specialist and Chartered Financial Analyst, with an MSc in Finance. She has worked with a number of fantastic and high profile companies, such as the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange, helping to raise investment skills awareness, and training teams in how to use the complex Bloomberg terminals to improve their work.

Krupa has a deep level of experience working in banking, with ICICI Bank - one of the biggest in India - and AXIS Bank, which is the largest private bank in India. Her list of clients and contacts is like the 'Who's Who' in financial circles.

She has also become a very successful and sought after tutor, teaching in a variety of high profile and reputable institutions. At both the University of Mumbai and ICIS University she teaches the Masters degree course of Management Studies, and is involved in teaching courses affiliated with the prestigious London School of Economics and University of London.

She is a financial coach for Investment Awareness, and brings highly valuable skills in brand valuations and bottom line impact assessments of Luxury and Sustainability to our students and clients.

Krupa Desai
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