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Neena L Malhotra

Managing Director

Formerly an ex-managing Editor, Ogaan Media, Neena’s experience with global luxury brands has catapulted her into an honest interpreter of aesthetics, global etiquettes and luxury retail.

Her 15+ years career across varied retail media and mindful luxury experiences have motivated her to grow as a luxury business educator and mentor young minds. As a luxury expert, Neena has played a pivotal role in mentoring numerous luxury brand management students to launch their luxury brands across various segments - from gourmet, home accessories to sustainable fashion and lifestyle. She believes in sustainable living and has been championing the concept of circular economy and advocates environmental endeavours for crafting an eco-conscious presence on the fashion landscape.

In addition, she has facilitated many student internships and placements with key luxury brands such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Moschino, Brook Brothers, Peepul, Luxury Lifestyle Weekend, Jimmy Choo, etc and helped align their individual evolution to organizational goals.

A certified global etiquettes coach from Sabira Merchant, she trains diverse professionals on their people packaging skills to get them industry ready. As a luxury specialist, her focus has also been primarily on brand collaborations, curating power panels for luxury industry forums, expert talks and publishing luxury conversations through her features for digital luxury and lifestyle magazines such as Beautiful Homes.

Neena is currently a visiting faculty at some of the country’s leading luxury institutes and also contributes to Luxury Abode’s blogs, reporting on fashion, design and sustainable art.

Neena L Malhotra
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