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Below, we've put together a list of the most common questions our students ask. If you can't see the answer to your query, please email us at: and we'll get back to you.

  • Is there just one Programme that you offer?
    We understand that everyone brings different levels of experience, goals and existing skills with them when they choose to study with us. That's why we have developed our 'Made to Measure' programme approach. We will help you to identify the gaps in your knowledge and skills, and then show you how our courses and workshops can help you to fill them quickly and easily. So you only learn what you need to learn - and only pay for what you need. We think that's a fairer way to work and one day we hope all educational institutions will take a similarly flexible and student-centric approach. Until we're the only ones offering our type of courses and this type of 'Made to Measure' programme.
  • Why is your School different to other universities and schools?
    Unlike other luxury brand courses that look at academic, historical and theoretical studies that are mainly of western luxury brands, we focus on the practical help and advice that we know will help employees, brand owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs get going with their own goals and ambitions. We want to build confidence in Indian created luxury and use examples of existing successful Indian luxury brands wherever possible, and share tips from Indian luxury entrepreneurs to help inspire and educate you. Take at a look at our page 'Breaking the Rules' to see the 10 ways that we are disrupting the Luxury eduction world in India.
  • Is your School certificate the same as a university or college degree?
    Our Programme is not intended to be the equivalent to a degree. The main reason for this is the highly practical nature of the studies which makes it more vocational. We also work hard to provide a more personally tailored level of support and help individuals in the development of their individual careers and opportunities. However, we can work with universities in India and overseas to provide a foundation level access programme that helps them attract the highest quality of candidates to their own Luxury brand management degrees. That's because nobody else in India offers what we do.
  • Do I have access to the materials after I’ve finished a course?
    For 12 months following your initial access to a course you will have free and unlimited access to all of your materials, webinar recordings, and to the online Library of extra articles and reports. Workshops do not have onlien materials as they are intended to be a short, bite-sized 'in the moment' type of learning, although you do still have workbooks for these to remind you of what you've learned.
  • Will your courses help me to find a job in Luxury?
    Our goal is to help as many people as possible to find their future in Luxury, and if you want your future to be as an employee then yes we can help you do that. We have teamed up with India's leading placement agency for luxury and premium brands, and if you take our 'Get ready for a career in Luxury' programme we will guarantee you a job interview at the end of it. That's a REAL JOB not just an internship (unless that's all you want!)
  • Will I have any help during the course?
    We do not believe in simply teaching through videos. That rarely delivers an effective learning experience and is not personal in its approach. And you can't ask a video questions! That is why we have hand-picked tutors who have real-world experience in Luxury and know how to support students on the courses that they teach. In addition to online material, each course is taught through weekly interactive, topic-based webinars (online or offline) and has a workbook that has been designed to embed knowledge, with the tutors offering assisted learning support. They are available to their students to answer questions, help with assignments, or to provide advice throughout the course
  • Is there a time limit on how long I take to complete a 'Made to Measure' programme?
    The 'made to Measure' programme approach is not just about what you will learn, but also how you learn and how long you want to take to do that. You will be given options for dates to enrol on each part of the programme, so you can take as long or as short as you want. All 'Made to Measure' programmes are valid for 12 months from your fee payment. And if something unexpected happens, you can simply request a rescheduling or your enrolment dates. If there's room on the course or workshop there's no problem switching things around.
  • Why do you focus so much on sustainability?
    In our opinion there is no greater challenge to the future of Luxury than Sustainability. Many larger brands have failed to really embrace this so far, and that has left some opportunities for new luxury brands created by entrepreneurs like you to really connect with the New Luxury consumer who is looking for this in their brands, and at the same time you can be part of the solution for the planet, rather than add to the problem of unethical and unsustainable production. We take a different look at how Sustainability is impacting all different aspects of Luxury throughout our course, and naturally, the first course ‘How to develop a Purpose-driven Luxury brand’ is the perfect way to kick that off.
  • How many students are on each course?
    We limit attendance on our course webinars to an absolute maximum of 30 students to encourage interactivity and building of personal connections that will help improve the learning experience. Once a course has been filled, we will build a waiting list for the next one which could be up to 5 weeks later. Our workshops can have up to 100 people, but generally we cap it at 50 to enable group and individual tasks to be managed more easily.
  • How long does a course take to complete?
    That really depends on the course, workshop, or 'Made to Measure' programme that you choose. Some courses are 2-4 modules long and we usually run 2 sessions per week. Some of our workshops are 2 days long for a more in depth look at a key topic such as Sustainability. However, most of the workshops are 3 hours long. Overall, none of our single courses last longer than 4 weeks. Check out the prospectus that is provided for each course on the 'Single Courses' page, which will show you how long it will last.
  • Why are you focused on India?
    We believe that for generations India has simply been seen as a developer of luxury products for other western brands to sell around the world. That means that most of the commercial value created has stayed outside of India. Now it’s time to raise the profile of Indian luxury and shift from being the ‘producers’ to being the ‘owners’. As a nation, the culture of entrepreneurship and heritage of luxury is a unique combination that we believe has the power to make India a centre for Sustainable Luxury brands that can be shared with the rest of the world. Whether you are a brand owner, an entrepreneur, or a hopeful employee, that's a goal worth achieving. Luxury is a high growth market, and we also want to help businesses achieve their own goals. We do this by improving the quality and skills of the candidates that are available to them for job vacancies, and carefully prepare candidates for a career in Luxury. Our practical courses are designed to teach the branding skills needed to achieve this.
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