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The most successful brand owners use the experience and knowledge of others to grow their business


We’ll show you how

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The question I'm asked most often is 'How can you help me if my brand isn't a Luxury brand?'

It seems obvious at first. Why do you need to understand Luxury if your brand isn't positioned as a 'Luxury'?
But just stop for a moment and think about that.

Would your customers choose not to buy from you if the experience they had was far better than with your competitors? Wouldn't
they love the idea of being treated like a luxury consumer with a memorable Luxury-inspired Experience - but without the price tag?

The truth is that Luxury is in the detail,
so all you need to get started is an experienced eye that knows what they are looking for.

The fact is that when you have a better understanding of luxury branding, and all the necessary skills and techniques of delivering the Luxury Experience it WILL give you an edge over your competitors. Fact.

That's where our specialist consultancy services can really help you get ahead. Click here for our brochure.

Here are a few ways that we can help you

  • Brand Audit and 'mystery shopper' in-store assessment reports

  • Candidate selection panels to make sure you bring future 'stars' with the right Luxury mindset

  • Development of a phased and prioritised action plan that delivers the fastest impact

  • Creation of a compelling Brand Story that gives consumers the reason to come to you

  • Brand reinvigoration and strategic focus to future-proof your business

  • Bring your target consumers to life and discover how to reach them more effectively

  • Create a great innovation strategy that will help grow and protect your business

  • Regular updates on what's happening in global Luxury

We'll show you how to start with small actions to get bigger results

Here are FOUR ways that we can help your business

'Fast Track' brand review and assessment with recommendations for actions with immediate impact  

'Induction to Luxury' sessions for your team so they understand the consumer expectations and need for excellence 

Intensive consultancy project that develops solutions for issues including brand upgrades, investment prioritisation, and Sustainability 

Advisory service to Board and management with Luxury market updates, recruitment, investment choices and brand valuations

Find out more about our skills training courses and workshops for business here

A fair and flexible approach to fees and content

  • Choose from:

    • Single ad hoc project fee

    • Monthly retainer that gives you tailored access to our services

    • An Annual Flexi Plan to give you the best value for money with monthly or quarterly payments

  • If you have a specifibudget we'll aim to work within that without compromising on the quality of our service or attention

Why not take a look at our Made to Measure service and stop wasting money and time on doing the wrong things!

Meet your consultancy team

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Helen M Cooper

  • Founder & CEO

  • Industry veteran of 35 years

  • Brand strategy & IP specialist

  • Sustainability Evangelist

  • Royal Mint, Virgin, Ruby & Millie

Neena headshot - updated 2023 BW square v2.jpg
Neena L Malhotra
  • Managing Director

  • Luxury Brand Communications

  • Sustainability specialist

  • Tutor at SP Jain, Pearl Academy

  • Former Managing Editor, Elle Deco India

Anita Portrait BW.jpg
Anita D'Souza
  • Senior Trainer & consultant

  • Luxury Retail & Hospitality

  • In-store excellence and operations

  • Former Retail Stores Director for Burberry and Louis Vuitton

Krupa Desai

  • Senior Tutor & consultant

  • Brand Valuations Expert

  • Tutor at ICIS Univ, Mumbai Univ.

  • Finance & investment specialist

  • Former Manager, Bombay Stock Exchange

Still not convinced? Here are just a few of our results for previous clients:

Delivered $1.25m in new revenue within 12 months for an international heritage luxury brand

Increased annual sales by +20% with an improvement of +35% in gross profit for a premium global brand post-acquisition

Achieved 12% revenue growth and +30% in EBITDA within 12 months for a global organic luxury health and beauty brand 

Repositioned brand and added product innovation resulting in brand sales +25% over 2 years and kickstarted international expansion

What Helen achieved for us in just 6 months was beyond our wildest expectations. Just fantastic. She literally saved the business!

Managing Director

UK FTSE 100 Company

Helen's innovative, strategic work, and sustainability focus has opened doors we never thought we could be available to us.

Board Director

Heritage Global Industrial Company

Within just 3 months Helen had identified five strategic options for us to develop a new global business entry, each of which was creatively and financially considered, with strong sustainable foundations. Very impressive!


NYSE Listed Investment Company

When we acquired the brand it was in a mess, but within 9 months were had expanded our international business and were on track to achieve ROI payback in half the time originally expected.




Global Beauty and Fragrances company

We've grown sales, profit and distribution channels. The strategic and creative thinking, combined with IP-led innovation from Helen has undoubtedly driven this.

Plus we were able to pursue a licensing based model using the innovation that she created - something that we had never considered previously.

Investor and Board member

Call us on +91 88500 21322 today to find out how we can help you grow your business faster

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