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Helen M Cooper

Founder & CEO

Helen Cooper has enjoyed a highly successful business career over 35 years’ experience working with global premium and luxury brands, delivering high growth and outstanding projects that have transformed struggling brands into winners, and launched award-winning products that are both innovative and beautiful.

Helen originally qualified as a teacher, before moving into the commercial world, and has a deep passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring others to be amazing – whether that’s in business, creating fabulous products, or supporting others through informed investment.

Whilst she continues to work on multi-million dollar projects with big multinational companies, Helen has also noticed that there has been a significant shift occurring in the Luxury market over the past few years, driven by the New Luxury consumers from the Gen Z and Millennial groups. This Luxury Shift has started to drive the future of Luxury in different directions and open up exciting opportunities in developing markets such as India.

The reason for establishing the Helen Cooper School of Luxury and writing the ‘Decoding Luxury’ course was to share a lifetime of experience and expertise, so that brand owners, entrepreneurs and employees can grab these new opportunities and enjoy the commercial benefits of being part of the rapidly growing Indian Luxury market.

She teaches proven tools and techniques that have been gathered and developed throughout her career and uses straight forward language, visuals, and explanations to ensure that all students really understand what they mean, why they matter, and most importantly can apply them to their own situation or need .

Helen says…

“I’ve worked at senior Executive levels with a number of well-known international premium and luxury consumer brands, such as Virgin, Yardley and The Royal Mint, as well as being an entrepreneur myself. I have lost count of the number of brands that I’ve created or repositioned during my career, and each of them have been successful in reaching a new customer with a compelling proposition.

Naturally I’ve made mistakes just like anyone else, and I’ve learned from them the hard way – through experience and pain. I remember wishing that there had been more practical help available in short, focused courses or workshops that I could have immediately used, but there was simply nothing like that available.

That’s why I have brought those lessons together with my lifetime of experience into my School, so you can avoid making the same mistakes and create better brands faster.”

Alongside the training courses and workshops, Helen also offers hourly paid consultancy support to businesses if they need more specific help.

Helen M Cooper
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