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decoding: Luxury

"For generations India has given luxury products to the world.
Now it’s time to build India’s own luxury brands and branding expertise"

Helen Cooper

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“The Luxury world is changing and growing rapidly. There are new opportunities emerging whether you want to start your career in Luxury, redefine your existing brand to attract the new Luxury consumer, or even start up your own venture. I want to help you to be a part of it.”

Helen Cooper, Founder of the Helen Cooper School of Luxury and author of the unique Decoding Luxury programme has drawn from her lifetime of knowledge in the premium and luxury brands markets to create a unique school that is aimed at helping students and businesses develop their confidence and knowledge so you can be part of the growing Luxury market.

We offer a  collection of high quality and uniquely practical and skills-based courses and workshops that are focused entirely on the Luxury market, with a core of Sustainability running throughout everything we do because we think the future is Sustainable Luxury: Made in India.

Everything has been developed to help aspiring entrepreneurs, existing brand owners, and ambitious employees achieve life-changing opportunities through contemporary luxury brands, and is written in an easy to understand and easy to apply way.

Nobody else in India offers the type of training that we do and we are proud to be disruptors in the way that Luxury is taught. Our 'Made to Measure' programmes are just one way that we are bringing change to the Indian education sector. Find out more here.


What you will learn



  • Learn about what Luxury is, the special characteristics that define Luxury brands, and how you can create them

  • Analyse the luxury market to find your brand space and discover new opportunities for Innovation that will help you stand out from the rest

  • Discover your own strengths and characteristics, and learn the skills needed to become an entrepreneur or employee in Luxury

  • Practice the proven tools and techniques you need to define, develop and launch a luxury brand

  • Build a sustainability-driven response to future-proof your brand or business and make Luxury part of the solution in saving the planet

  • Develop Luxury products and brands that go ‘beyond Bridal’ to attract new customers and build new markets in ‘Everyday Indulgence’


Affordable • High quality • Practical • Supportive • Relevant


Who is it for?

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We strongly believe that the Indian Luxury market should be an opportunity for locally created luxury brands and entrepreneurs, building on a proud culture and superb crafts that have had luxury at their heart for generations.


We aim to inspire our students through references to Indian luxury brands and opportunities, not only repeating western brand stories. We encourage students to look at the heritage of Luxury in their own area and to learn and build on that as their luxury opportunity.


Our School provides a foundation level educational journey and experience for business owners, employees, students, and aspiring entrepreneurs in India. We don't believe in having strict entry criteria because some of the best people in Luxury didn't have the chance to go to university. What matters most is enthusiasm, ambition and the right attitude - and with our specialist training and links into employment with some of the most prestigious brands in India, you are on the right track for success.

Click here to find out why we're breaking the rules of Luxury eduction in India.










Do you have any questions?

We are here to help. Call us on +91 88500 21322 or email us at:

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