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Reaching the higher value clients for your business is a goal that can be achieved more quickly than you might think 


We’ll show you how

Our School

I know you know this….

  • High value clients have the money to spend on a wider variety of professional services

  • The expectation of the Luxury client is exactly the same as that for a luxury brand, so you can't afford to disappoint them

  • Luxury has its own language and etiquette that's required in approaching and securing the high value client

  • The competition in your sector is fierce so you need to be able to stand out from the rest

  • You don't have long to spend on courses so you will need intensive specialised training with follow up coaching

  • You don't need another degree - you just want coaching that gets results

Whatever professional skills and services you offer you will get faster results if you train with us

You need a Luxury training and coaching solution that….

  • Provides you with ongoing support from an expert

  • Has an understanding of the commercial needs of business owners

  • Works flexibly to suit your availability and location

  • Offers both 1-2-1 and group learning, which is great for 'Train the Trainer' requirements

  • Provides techniques that work brilliantly wherever you are in the world

  • Is affordable so your ROI is better

Discover the suggested courses and workshops we offer for you

Here are FOUR ways that we can help you

An introduction to Luxury that gets you up to speed with latest trends and consumer behaviours

Luxury skills training and coaching in the language and etiquette that is required

Create your own Group for 'Train the Trainer' and reduce costs for all participants

Paid Speaker attendance at professional events to share tips and techniques with attendees

Meet your Training Team

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Neena L Malhotra

  • Managing Director

  • Luxury Brand Communications

  • Luxury etiquette specialist

  • Tutor at SP Jain, Pearl Academy

  • Former Managing Editor, Elle India

Shelly Pal
  • Senior Tutor

  • Luxury Brands & Retail Expert

  • Tutor at Pearl Academy

  • Luxury & Technology specialist

  • Former Retail Manager, Gucci

Shrehya Agarwal

  • Tutor

  • Advisor for Luxury brands

  • Personal branding & social media specialist

  • Richemont Luxury Group

Suhas Dhoke

  • Tutor

  • Luxury Automotive Retail Expert

  • Customer relationship specialist

  • Mercedes, Jaguar, Lexus

Our training is ideal for you if you are:

  • Image consultant

  • Personal stylist

  • Wedding and events planner

  • Caterer or restauranteur

  • Interior design consultant

  • Architect or landscaping specialist

  • Artisan creating decorative artwork, accessories, or apparel

  • Tour operator or boutique hotel owner

  • Photographer or artist

  • Musician, entertainer or actor

The list is almost endless.

Once you have mastered the art and science of Luxury your business will take a leap forward

Call us on +91 88500 21322 to find out how we can help you reach the best clients

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