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Suhas Dhoke

Faculty – Luxury Car Retail and Service excellence

Suhas originally qualified as an engineer before moving into the commercial world. He is an experienced Luxury Automotive professional & Trainer with 16 years of experience, with an excellent track record in training and coaching individuals & professionals to achieve success in their goals.

Suhas has a fantastic grounding in Luxury car brands, having worked with various Luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Land Rover, Porsche, and Lexus in India and Middle East. He has a real understanding of how customers differ across the brands, and how car ‘personalities’ align with the future buyers.

As an essential part of the Luxury customer experience and journey, Suhas has specialised in delivering the Luxury know-how, identifying ways to enhance the Customer Experience and the soft skills that are required in order to be successful in luxury automotive retailing. He is a passionate advocate for product knowledge and technical insights being at the heart of the selling ceremonies in the sector, believing that “To experience Luxury, one must be a Luxury” – and for him that ‘Luxury’ is Educating and Informing the customer.

Suhas is Certified Automotive Trainer as well as being Accredited with Luxury Academy, London.

As a tutor with Helen Cooper School of Luxury, he believes that he can definitely change the lives and businesses of the future employees and brand owners in the Luxury automotive industry, focusing increasingly on the need for growth and brand opportunities delivered in a more sustainable way without resorting to Greenwashing!

Suhas Dhoke
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