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Bite-sized learning

If you’re not ready to commit to a course or whole Programme, or perhaps you are just interested in a particular topic, our 3-hour workshops are ideal introductions and very affordable.


There are a range of fabulous topics with great ideas, tips and techniques that have been carefully selected with a workbook for each workshop to make everything that you learn easy to apply and instantly useable.


Hosted by our tutors from the main Programme, alongside some special guest tutors with specific expertise in a topic, you can be sure of excellent quality teaching. Simply find a workshop that grabs your interest, call us and we'll get you on the next available session. There are no entry qualifications required for our workshops, and each one offers amazing value for money.

We offer all of our workshops online and if you can get to Mumbai you also have the chance to attend an offline workshop in some really amazing places (sorry everywhere else - we'll get to you very soon we promise!) All online workshops are INR 7,000 and offline ones are INR 10,000.

You can also combine workshops with our courses in a 'Made to Measure' programme that is created just for you, so if you want to learn a number of skills in different areas of business and personal career development that could be a great option for you - and even more cost effective! Call or email us for more information.


Each workshop will earn you a Certificate of Completion from our UK parent company, signed by our CEO and Founder & CEO, Helen Cooper.

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Greenwashing and how to spot it

Cover image Luxury brand choices.jpg

How Luxury brand choices impact Sustainability

Cover image be more entrepreneurial.jpg

How to become more entrepreneurial in business

Cover image Develop a Luxury brand idea.jpg

How to develop a Luxury brand idea

Cover image develop collaborations in Luxury.jpg

How to develop collaborations in Luxury

Cover image more sustainable wedding B2C.jpg

How to have a more sustainable wedding (B2C)

Cover image - internationalise your brand.jpg

How to internationalise your Luxury brand

Cover image - reinvent a family business.jpg

How to reinvent a family business

Cover image - storytelling in luxury.jpg

How to develop Storytelling as a Luxury brand

Generic cover image - How to discover and use your Purpose in Luxury.jpg

How to find your Purpose and use it in Luxury

Generic cover image - How to raise investment for your Luxury business.jpg

How to raise investment for your Luxury business

Generic cover image - An Introduction to Sustainability.jpg

An Introduction to Sustainability

Workshop cover image.jpg

How to develop a Sustainable brand idea

Generic workshops cover - Summer School of Sustainability.jpg

Get Smarter about Sustainability 2022 SUMMER WORKSHOPS

* all prices + GST
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