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Rashmi Sathe

Storytelling and Art in Luxury

Rashmi Sathe is an artist, fashion designer and educator from Mumbai, India. Indian mythologies, rituals, fictional characters from storybooks, fashion, travels and heroes and villains alike inspire her art and design practice.

She has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Hochschule Design and Kunst Luzern and has developed an independent profiled artistic work with engagements in projects in Lucerne and Basel, with exhibitions and interventions. Her artistic strategy was to reflect on the political, social and cultural effects of critical image productions.

Her design practice includes collaborating with designers for illustrations and concept development. She collaborated with designers to showcase collections at the New York Fashion Week SS/19, SS/18 and SS/17. She also works on high profile projects with celebrities and influential individuals.

Teaching as an experience for her has always been enriching and she has taught design at leading art and design colleges including École Intuit Lab, Pearl Academy, ITM IDM and Symbiosis Institute of Design.

Rashmi Sathe
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