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Narayani Poy Raiturcar

Sustainability and carbon-offsetting

Narayani is our sustainability expert, co-consultant and the founder of The Naraai Project that aims to bring climate solutions within every companies’ reach through global carbon offset programs & tree planting initiatives.

She has developed some unique tools and innovative ways of communicating the benefits of a more sustainable way of manufacturing, including their 'Carbon Calories' initiative. By helping businesses to allocate & understand their Carbon Budget they can then offset their carbon footprint by choosing from our global carbon positive offset programmes.

Narayani is clear that the only way for Sustainability to become more widely accepted is for businesses to communicate it benefits in a simple and easy to understand way. 'Building an easy & highly engaging sustainability narrative for your customer base, and communicating your eco-efforts in simple widget language that's understandable to your consumer is essential, and I'm delighted to be working alongside Helen Cooper Luxury to share my knowledge and expertise in this area,' said Narayani.

Narayani is a valuable partner in helping us to deliver on our commitment to encouraging businesses to take the first steps along the way towards greater Sustainability, and her new age ESG Business Consultancy Service helps define, build, track & report sustainability performance (as per global sustainability accounting practices) for Luxury Retail businesses in India.

Narayani Poy Raiturcar
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