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The modern reinvention of a jewellery box by Boucheron

LSN Team

23 Jun 2023

With Sustainability at the top of many consumer's minds Boucheron have taken a more sustainable approach to their packaging

France – French jeweller Maison Boucheron has re-invented the jewellery case with a new design made entirely from two natural and recyclable materials: aluminium and wool felt.

Through the innovative deconstruction of jewellery traditions, the brand has created a collection of seven boxes that sets Boucheron on a path to a more sustainable future.

In 2021, CEO Hélène Poulit-Duquesne challenged her team to re-invent the old case, which was too bulky, too heavy and made out of 11 materials – none of which could be recycled. An eco-design approach, with every stage in the lifecycle of the new case being optimised to reduce its environmental impact, has resulted in a new, lighter object made from only two materials.

Unlike previous jewellery cases, Boucheron’s design can be displayed and collected. Sustainable packaging is often presented as a choice between quality and aesthetics, but Boucheron re-affirms that it can still be luxurious and beautiful to look at.


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