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How to develop a Purpose-driven Luxury Brand

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The Luxury market has always held a fascination for both businesses and consumers but do you understand what Luxury really is?

Luxury is also constantly evolving. It brings new innovation and ideas to consumers but the definition of Luxury is also changing, which opens up new opportunities for businesses and new entrepreneurs. However it also adds to the confusion about what Luxury really is.

New consumers are entering the Luxury market with their own needs and expectation, some of whom will be buying luxury products and services for the first time. Even the word ‘Luxury’ seems to be everywhere now, from luxury apartments, luxury spas, and even luxury hand soap. So how do you as a brand owner, manufacturer, or marketing specialist work out what you should be doing, and whether your product is a ‘Luxury’ at all?

Clearly there needs to be an induction into the world of Luxury for those who are not familiar with it, providing a better understanding of what makes a brand a ‘luxury brand’, and helping consumers spot the reasons why Hermès is a Luxury brand, whilst H&M is not!

Value of the Global Luxury market 2021
Percentage of the Indian Luxury market 2021
Projected value of luxury market 20222-25
    * The unique qualities of a Luxury brand

    * The ongoing evolution of Luxury and how that impacts the understanding of what ‘Luxury’ means

    * Why the metaverse is an opportunity for many large Luxury brands

    * What the luxury consumer expects and you can identify them

    * Why storytelling is so important in Luxury

    * How to tell better brand stories that impact the consumer

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One day "Walking Workshop" in Mumbai



Workbooks are the best way of embedding your learning, reflecting on important topics, and creating a living document that you can refer and add to even after the course is completed. Our Tutors provide guidance on the exercises and will give constructive feedback to help you feel confident in your new knowledge and skills.

For this course, your workbooks will include:

Core principles of Luxury

You will be asked to capture the different ways that Luxury can be expressed and be able to clearly list the features of a luxury brand.

Emerging Digital influence

You will be evaluating the different opportunities available through digital marketing and the metaverse for Luxury.

Multi-sensory Evaluation

In this offline field trip, you will explore the world of Luxury in real-life environments with your tutor. Your workbook exercise will ask you to capture the ways in which you experience Luxury through different brands and products.

Neena headshot v2 BW (1)_edited.jpg

Formerly an ex-managing Editor, Ogaan Media, Neena’s experience with global luxury brands has catapulted her into an honest interpreter of aesthetics, global etiquettes and luxury retail.

Her 15+ years career across varied retail media and mindful luxury experiences have motivated her to grow as a luxury business educator and mentor young minds.

As a luxury expert, Neena has played a pivotal role in mentoring numerous luxury brand management students to launch their luxury brands across various segments - from gourmet, home accessories to sustainable fashion and lifestyle.

Neena Maini Malhotra

Neena headshot v2 BW (1)_edited.jpg

Shelly is luxury enthusiast with twelve years of management experience in Fashion and Luxury Retail. She has been associated with Gucci since brand opened the first store in India in 2007. During this time, she managed Gucci’s flagship store in Mumbai and was instrumental in setting up and running their second store in the city.

Over the years she has distinguished herself as a leader in Luxury Retail having developed a keen interest in finding creative solutions to increase operational efficiency in the store, while building a work environment conducive to skill enhancement and learning.

Shelly Pal


“The information and knowledge that I received from the tutors during this course was second to none, as they were teaching from their own real-life experience in the Luxury world.

They provided real clarity on what a Luxury brand is and helped me re-assess what I was doing with my own brand and provided important guidance on how to elevate it to a more luxury status.

Whether you’re an employee just getting started in a career in Luxury or a brand owner, I highly recommend this course!”

A.S., Entrepreneur, Mumbai


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a digital certificate of completion by our UK parent company ‘Decoding Business’.

This course is part of our wider ‘Get ready for a career in Luxury’ programme that gives new employees a comprehensive foundation of understanding of how the luxury market works, how to find the right employer and how to make sure that your personal branding is suitable. We have partnered with India’s leading placement company for premium and luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani, and Rahul Misra to offer excellent 1-2-1 career guidance and a guaranteed job interview for all successful participants.

Call or WhatsApp us on +91 88500 21322 to find out more.


Note: After successful completion of the online programme, your verified digital certificate will be emailed to you in the name you used to register for the programme. All certificate images shown on this site are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of Helen Cooper School of Luxury.

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