decoding: Luxury

"For generations India has given luxury products to the world.
Now it’s time to build India’s own luxury brands and branding expertise"

Helen Cooper


“The Luxury world is changing and growing rapidly. There are new opportunities emerging whether you want to start your career in Luxury, redefine your existing brand to attract the new Luxury consumer, or even start up your own venture. I want to help you to be a part of it.”

Helen Cooper, Founder of the Helen Cooper School of Luxury and author of the unique Decoding Luxury programme has drawn from her lifetime of knowledge in the premium and luxury brands markets to create a unique school that is aimed at helping students and businesses develop their confidence and knowledge so you can be part of the growing Luxury market.

We offer a  collection of high quality and uniquely practical and skills-based courses and workshops that are focused entirely on the Luxury market, with a core of Sustainability running throughout everything we do because we think the future is Sustainable Luxury: Made in India.

Everything has been developed to help aspiring entrepreneurs, existing brand owners, and ambitious employees achieve life-changing opportunities through contemporary luxury brands, and is written in an easy to understand and easy to apply way.

Nobody else in India offers the type of training that we do and we are proud to be disruptors in the way that Luxury is taught. Our 'Made to Measure' programmes are just one way that we are bringing change to the Indian education sector.










Our courses provide an in-depth study of important topics, teaching practical tips and techniques that will help students and participants to improve their work and outcomes.

Available online or offline with expert tutors teaching using webinar/seminar style teaching, discussion-based learning, and mentoring of each student.

All can be completed within 2-4 weeks.

We have two types of Programme:

a 10 week 'Career Development Programme' for those looking to start a career in Luxury that has a guaranteed job interview at the end, and our unique personalised service that we call ‘Made to Measure’ programmes, in which a combination of courses and workshops is created that perfectly suits your needs, whether that’s developing specific skills or learning new techniques in luxury branding.

Our workshops offer ‘bite-sized’ learning on specific topics of interest to give an introduction and basic level of knowledge to participants. Often 3 hours in length, this is a small commitment of time to achieve a big step forward in your knowledge.

These are always fun and interactive with lots of individual and group exercises that get you thinking….and learning. Some specialist workshops can last 1 or 2 days.

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