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decoding: Luxury and Sustainability

The only school in India that provides training in the application and use of essential skills and techniques in Luxury and Sustainability
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Hi. I'm Helen Cooper, the Founder and CEO of our unique School of Luxury and Sustainability.

During my 35 year career I've worked with some of the biggest Luxury and Premium brands in the world, as well as a number of fabulous start up companies, and I've been able to share with them my lifetime of experience and knowledge to help them successfully build their businesses.

Now I've captured all of this expertise in a series of practical, skills-based workshops and courses so you can learn from this too. 

So why are we different?

We are the only school in India focused on the teaching, training and coaching of practical skills and techniques in Luxury and Sustainability. No one else does this - but the lack of skills could be what's holding you back!


Make an immediate impact on your future today.

Call us to talk about how we can help you achieve your ambitions in Luxury. 

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Extend your curriculum

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Upskill your

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Career Seekers

Be the best

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Get a new perspective

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Discrete and bespoke projects 

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Luxury career guidance

Luxury and Sustainability skills that will kickstart your career and boost your business opportunities

Luxury skills Coaching

'Sustainability as a way of doing business' training

Interactive and fun sessions with real-world Luxury experts

Workbooks provided for every workshop and course to apply your learning

Certificate of completion from UK company

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