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decoding: Luxury

For generations India has created superb products for global luxury brands.

Now it's time for India's own aspirational brands to elevate their customer's experience, define their unique proposition, and create sustainable growth for future generations.

We'll show you how

Helen Cooper
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Image shows Helen Cooper, the Founder and CEO

India is fast becoming the next global Luxury superpower – but is your Luxury brand going to be able to take advantage of that?

Every day a new international brand enters the Indian Luxury market. With their brand reputation, money and significant training resources, and delivery of an excellent in-store experience, their success is almost guaranteed.

But you don't have those advantages - until NOW.


We are your ‘one stop’ provider of high impact Luxury Retail Skills training that delivers measurable results for your business. 


As recognised experts in Luxury, we are committed to ensuring that Indian Luxury and Premium brands have the opportunity to play a bigger role in the market.


We don't work with international brands.


We provide specialist expertise in a very straightforward way covering brand consultancy, online and offline retail skills training, sustainability integration, and performance management.


No one else does this.

If you want to be a significant player in the growing Indian aspirational brands market, make sure you talk to us today.

Helen M Cooper

Founder & CEO - Helen Cooper Luxury

The Aspiring consumer is looking for better buying Experiences, more Engagement, greater Empathy, Exclusivity without arrogance, and a responsibile attitude to the Earth.
Our team of experts will help you and your team deliver all of this - and more.

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Future-proof your brand

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Grow your revenue and profits

Luxury expertise that will kickstart your opportunities

Luxury Retail skills training

Delivering the Luxury Customer Experience

Brand Audits and 'Mystery Shopper' reports

'Sustainability as a way of doing business' training


Interactive and high impact sessions with experienced Luxury experts

Customised and practical training with follow up support


Intensive Consultancy service that delivers results faster

Call or WhatsApp us on +91 88500 21322
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