“When you own the school you can break the Rules!”

Helen Cooper


Breaking the Rules

For as long as anyone can remember, Education has broadly followed the same model. You turn up to a school or university, you study a preset series of lessons that was decided by someone else, and you need to have certain qualifications to be there in the first place!


The pandemic showed everyone that learning online was possible, and so one of these rules was broken, but what about the rest?


We are proud to be a truly disruptive force in the education world of India. We're shaking things up by looking at what we do from our students' point of view, not just what's easiest for us.  Engagement and experience is at the heart of what we do, that's not even close to being the whole story.

Here are the ten ways we're disrupting Luxury education in India 


We don't just teach you theories


Why? From our lifetime of experience in business we’ve found that what matters most is to have great practical skills, so that’s what we teach our students. Skills-based learning. We use live examples and case studies, group exercises, and industry simulations to help you understand how to do what you need to do.


We don't set entry qualifications*


Why? Because we believe that having the ambition, enthusiasm, and right attitude is more important than exams if you want to be a success in Luxury. You just need to be able to speak and read English, and ideally one other local language.


We don't force you to take a pre-set study programme


Why? Because every person brings a different level of experience, knowledge and ambition. That’s why our trained Counsellors will help you build your own ‘Made To Measure’ programme using a selection of courses and workshops that you can take over a time period and that suits your individual needs.


We don't charge the high fees of universities


Why? We feel that this excludes many who would otherwise be fantastic employees and brand owners in Luxury. We keep our costs low so more students can have the opportunities to learn.


We don't have a fixed location for our classes


Why? With our smaller than usual class sizes, we prefer to teach in inspiring venues such as art galleries, coffee shops, and stores where you ‘Learn amongst Luxury’. We have all of our materials available online too with the option to learn remotely using live tutor seminars and support (not video lectures) if you prefer. 


We don't believe that the goal of learning is an internship


Why? So many internships bear no relation to the actual skills learned, and after 3 months they are over without you having earned much or gained any valuable experience. We have partnered with the leading recruitment team in Premium and Luxury brand placements who will help you find real jobs, not just internships, getting you into better paid roles more quickly.


We don't make our candidates go through entrance exams


Why? We prefer to talk to individuals to find out what they want to achieve and to honestly see whether we can help them before we enrol them. You will have  1-2-1 calls a our Counsellors and can even book a call with a tutor if you want more information.


We don't believe that Sustainability should be just a Luxury PR stunt


Why? Luxury brands are leaders in the sectors and have huge influence with consumers and suppliers. We incorporate different aspects of Sustainability in Luxury throughout our courses and workshops to show how it can be built into brands, why it could be a real competitive advantage, and how this will future-proof your business. 


We don't employ tutors without real-world business experience in Luxury


Why? The best teachers have learned what they know by facing the same day to day challenges that you do. All of our tutors have at least 10 years working experience in Luxury, so when you ask a question you know that they will be answering from their own experience rather than simply quoting theory.


We don't just teach you about western luxury brands

Why? We believe that India has the opportunity to create amazing, world class Luxury brands. There is the talent, the craftsmanship, the ambition, and the growing consumer market – we help to release that potential by focusing on creating modern Indian Luxury brands, and celebrating the home-grown entrepreneurs who are already making a success in this market.

* N.B. If you are coming to us as a Foundation student wanting to get into one our partner universities you will have to meet their own entry criteria

“I hope that my experience and knowledge will help you Find your Future in Luxury”
Helen Cooper