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A unique centre for Luxury and Sustainability skills training and coaching for individuals and businesses


Changing the Rules

Why we exist...

  • The Luxury market in India is growing rapidly which is opening up opportunities for local as well as international Luxury brands

  • India has the heritage, crafts and growing consumer base that can make it a global super-power in Luxury in the next 10 years

  • We exist to support businesses and individuals who want to be part of this high growth, high value market

  • We also want to encourage far greater understanding and integration of Sustainability into businesses and daily life

Hear Helen's views on 'The Luxury Shift'

Still think this isn’t for you….

  • There’s a massive Luxury market on your doorstep just waiting for you

  • There are more job vacancies in Luxury than there are high quality candidates

  • Local culture and heritage crafts need supporting - Luxury brands can do that

  • Even if you have a Premium positioned brand, using Luxury skills and techniques will give you a huge advantage over your competitors

  • Luxury businesses are significantly more profitable than mass or premium ones

  • Sustainability is how you will future-proof your business

Why Luxury skills are brilliant for non-Luxury businesses

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Here are FOUR ways that we can help you

Customised Luxury training and Sustainability coaching programmes for you and your business

Expert career guidance and coaching and help to get you started in Luxury

Guest speakers with new perspectives on business, Luxury, and how we can all live and work more sustainably

Ad hoc workshops or regular programmes as visiting faculty for universities to broaden their curriculum

If you want more customised skills training and coaching that delivers an immediate impact call us on +91 88500 21322

From our own experience in industry, we have very clear ideas about what skills training and coaching needs to be….

  • It must be practical and applicable to real life activities and situations

  • It needs to help deliver a commercial or personal goal

  • It should be focused in its area of expertise, not generalist

  • Learning about Luxury should also be a Luxury experience

  • A personalised coaching approach in teaching is essential

  • On-going follow up support and mentoring is essential to be effective

Discover how we're Changing the Rules of Training

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No one else works like we do because we put your needs first

Universities and training companies teach for a qualification.

We train and coach in the application and use of key Luxury skills in real-life.


  • High quality, professional, and practical courses written and delivered by experts

  • A modular collection of workshops and courses that can be tailored to you

  • All content based on our own personal experience and expertise in Luxury

  • Online, offline or hybrid teaching options to suit your needs

  • University quality teaching - designed specifically for you

To receive a copy of our catalogue

I'm very proud of the amazing team that we have available for our students and clients.

Their experience and expertise is unrivalled and their professionalism is superb.

Our 5 star rating from our students for our workshops and courses so far is testament to their dedication, support, and commitment to high quality teaching and coaching.


Meet the Team
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