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A Selective Approach

Choose the skills that you need to learn with our ‘dip your toes in the water’ step by step approach to finding your future in Luxury.


We understand that some of our students have already been working in business and may have gathered some of the skills that they need to achieve their goals in Luxury, but there will undoubtedly be some important gaps.

So if you want to take a more ‘pick and mix’ approach to pinpoint the areas that you need to improve you can either talk to us about our 'Made to Measure' programmes that are built just for you, combining courses and workshops as required, or simply opt for one or two of our individual courses.

You’ll learn highly practical and easy to apply skills with every course that you choose, and have a high quality experience enjoyed by all of our students, with many of our tutors also teaching at leading universities such as S.P. Jain and Pearl Academy. It matters to us that you get the most out of your courses so your tutors remain available to help and mentor you, and make sure you learn what you need to by the time you've complete your studies.

Take a look below at the fifteen individual courses that we offer. You’ll see the standard List Price for each course, but we do also have some discretionary scholarships and support grants available, and our 'Made to Measure' programmes will always offer the best value for money.

Click here to see what you get with each of our courses.

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1 - How to develop a Purpose-driven Luxury Brand

From personal Purpose to Sustainability in Luxury, this course will introduce you to the different ways that you and your luxury brand can make a difference to the planet.

Learn about new alternative materials and packaging, and how a strong Brand Purpose can deliver better bottom line profits when your company culture supports it.

2 - How to become an Entrepreneur in Luxury

Understanding the Luxury market and how Luxury brands are defined within it is an important first step in your entrepreneurial journey.

You will learn about different business models and discover how your own skills and personality will help you as an entrepreneur. The five steps to getting started reveals the different types of funding and how to get it. 

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3 - How to find your Opportunity in Luxury

Gathering accurate and up to date market intelligence is essential so learning about the six of the best tried and tested techniques of market analysis is important.

You will also learn how to develop an innovative product strategy and deliver great products through an organised NPD process. You’ll learn how the Luxury eco-system opens up a variety of opportunities even for non-brand owners

4 - How to create a modern Luxury brand

Luxury is much more than just a product. It is the way that you feel when using that product, the image that you want to portray and the emotional value that is created rather than a functional purpose.

You’ll learn how to create a new Luxury brand from the ground up, and develop an understanding of the criteria that define New Luxury so your brand can truly be ‘Luxury’.

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5 - How to launch a modern Luxury brand

New retail and media platforms have opened up the Luxury market to new brands and communications in recent years. The need to gather data, analyse it, and use it to improve your customer’s experience is now essential in a successful business.

You will learn how to map your customer’s journey through your brand, improve their brand experience and how to create the imagery that will tell your brand story.

6 - How to develop a Luxury brand and  product strategy

If you want to get a better overall understanding of what a Luxury brand is and how the product strategy supports that positioning then this is the ideal course.

You’ll learn how to create a new Luxury brand and find out how consumers respond differently to innovation. You'll also get some insights into how and why collaborations have become so popular in Luxury, and understand the different sales channel options.

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7 - How to find your space in the Luxury market

When you are thinking about how you might develop your business or brand so that you can find a way into the Luxury market you will want to be able to make some fast decisions based on good analysis. 

In this short course you will learn two particularly good techniques that can reveal innovation and competitive advantages that you didn't know you had, as well as learning the skills and tips you need to develop market research that delivers real consumer insight.

8 - How to identify and reach the Luxury consumer

A business without customers is just a hobby, so understanding the Luxury consumer's needs and expectations will be fundamental to your ability to achieve sales. 

This short course looks at how you can create your target consumer profile, how you can identify the touchpoints that give you the opportunity to delight them, and how to create the most effective marketing plan to reach them.

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9 - How to make your brand more Sustainable

Any business that wants to stay in business needs to have a good understanding of Sustainability. That's because their consumers are demanding it, and changing the brands that they choose to buy if they feel that their needs are not being taken seriously.

Get up to speed with this sustainability focused course in which you'll learn about how innovation is helping brands to integrate better ways of working and designing their products and services. You'll also learn all about what Greenwashing is, and how you need to avoid it!

10 - How to redefine your brand for the Luxury market

If you have a brand that has started to lose its appeal with the consumer, or you want to find a way to elevate it so that it might be considered a Luxury brand, this is the course for you.

Many heritage brands can lose their way so in this course you'll not only learn about the fundamentals of Luxury but also how Value is created in Luxury in a way that allows brands to charge higher prices. Even if you don't ultimately want your brand to be a luxury brand, by using the skills and tips that we teach you will certainly be the best Premium brand.

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11 - Understanding the Fundamentals of Luxury

Do you understand what makes Hermes different from H&M - apart from the price that is?


Luxury is all about the detail and consumer experience so in this course we will provide a foundation of knowledge to anyone who is not already active in the Luxury market.

You will learn about how Luxury is evolving and understand the Luxury consumer better than you did before, and we'll even teach you how to tell a great Luxury brand story.

12 - Understanding the Fundamentals of Sustainability

Sustainability is certainly the word of the moment - and about time! The rate of climate change is felt particularly strongly in India, and the need for localising of sustainability that impacts the communities too is clear.

With the consumer demanding brands do more to respond to this, and the fact that many Luxury brands are not really addressing the challenge of Sustainable Luxury yet, this short course will provide you with a simple and sensible overview of the basics and what you need to know.

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13 - How to choose the right employer in Luxury

It's a fact that Millennials and Gen Z are becoming a lot more critical of the companies that they choose to work with. Aligning their own Values with those of the employers who want to employ them is an important part of their decision.


But how can they work out a company's Culture and Values, and with the Luxury eco-system being so vast, where do they fit in anyway? This short course will start to provide some answers for new recruits, and also for those who are wanting to progress their career elsewhere.

14 - How to develop your personal brand for Luxury

In Luxury, image is everything and so if you are serious about finding a job in this very exclusive market you will have to really look and sound like you belong there!

In this course which is delivered by a personal branding expert, you will improve your own self-awareness and create the cornerstones of your own personal brand. You will learn how to develop an identity and to be consistent in how it is delivered, and learn about the areas that might trip you up in an interview.

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15 - The 8 P's of Sustainability and how to apply them

Most responsible businesses and brand owners are starting to think about how they can be more sustainable in the way that they operate and the sourcing and manufacture of their goods.

As Sustainability is becoming the most talked about topic in business, we have taken a closer look at the 8 P's of Sustainability each of which has the power to improve your impact on the planet and communities, with some inspiring and innovative ideas.

Single courses:

This is the ideal choice for you if:

  • You want to learn faster and in more depth through discussion

  • You want to focus on a particular skill or include it in a 'Made to Measure' programme

  • You want to attend interactive weekly seminars (limited to 30 students) or study offline*

  • You want to get a certificate of course completion from a UK company

  • You want the chance to submit your workbook activities to a tutor for comments

  • You want to manage your investment in your learning over time

Discretionary Scholarships and support grants available.

Call us on +91 88500 21322 to find out more 

* Offline study currently only available in Mumbai.

How to develop a Purpose-driven Luxury brand
How to become an Entrepreneur in Luxury
How to find your Opportunity in Luxury
How to create a modern Luxury brand
How to launch a modern Luxury brand
How to develop a Luxury brand and product strategy
How to find your space in the Luxury market
How to identify and reach the Luxury consumer
How to make your brand more sustainable 
How to redefine your brand for the Luxury market 
Understanding the Fundamentals of Luxury
Understanding the Fundamentals of Sustainability
How to choose the right employer in Luxury
How to develop your personal brand for Luxury
The 8 P's of Sustainability and how to apply them
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