Made to Measure Programmes

A Personalised Approach just for YOU

Whether you want to take your first steps into a career in Luxury, are an existing brand owner, or a new entrepreneur, we understand that everyone brings different skills and experience with them when they come to learn with us.


That's why we're breaking the rules of education!

We don't want to give you a pre-set Programme of courses and topics if some of them won't be of any use to you, or if you are already confident in some areas. One size does not fit all and that's why we have developed our 'Made to Measure' programmes that are created just for you. By simply getting to know what you are hoping to achieve and the areas that you feel less confident in, our Brand Counsellors will develop a tailored programme for you, carefully selecting the right options from our wide range of courses and workshops to fill in the gaps. That means you only pay for what you need.


No more wasted time in classes you don't need to be in. No more wasted money on courses that you don't need.


You can decide how much you can afford, and how long you want to take to complete the Programme. It's valid for up to 12 months from when you start so there's no lesson timetable to worry about. Take it as fast or as slow as you like. Once you're enroled on a course or workshop you just need to turn up when it starts.

Every one of the courses and workshops that are suggested for you will be taught by one of our highly experienced tutors, or a specialist in a specific topic (such as Luxury Car retailing), and they all have real-world knowledge of working in the Luxury market not just as teachers. They are there to mentor you throughout your Programme and for 12 months after you start, so you can bounce ideas off them and ask questions that will help you achieve your goals, whatever they might be.

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And if you're looking to find a career in Luxury, why not check out our 'Get Ready to start a career in Luxury' intensive 10 week Programme that has been 'Made to Measure' just for people like you. See more here.

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Find your Future in Luxury:

Our Made To Measure Programme

We'll help you define what you need to learn and the skills you want to improve, and then suggest a combined Programme - just for you!

We'll work to your budget and apply any scholarships that we think might help. You just need to commit to completing the programme within 12 months.


Luxury is all about personalising and tailoring products and services so you have an amazing experience.

Why shouldn't your learning be the same?