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Customised training and coaching that's designed just for you.


We’ll show you how

Everyone is an individual with their own experience, skills, and interests. So why do training providers treat them all as if they are the same?


Whether you want to take your first steps into a career in Luxury, are an existing brand owner wanting to upgrade your brand or team (or both!), or a new entrepreneur just getting started, you will have your own personal needs and goals.

That's why we work in a different way.


Think of us as acting more like a 'gap filler' within your existing knowledge, adding value through our training and coaching of new skills and techniques, not repeating what you already know.

No more wasted time in classes you don't need to be in. No more wasted money on courses that you don't need.


Now that sounds like a smarter way of learning doesn't it?


Our unique Made to Measure training

  • Develop a personalised 'Made to Measure' programme that suits your individual needs

  • Create the perfect combination of workshops and courses, that also fit your budget

  • A chance to impress the boss or get ahead in your business

  • Fill in the gaps in your existing skills and expertise that are holding you back

  • Flexible training that's focused on YOU

Here are FOUR ways that we can help you

Choose one of our 3 hour specialist workshops to boost your skills in a specific area

Create a personalised combination of courses and workshops with 1-2-1  coaching to achieve your own goals

Go for the New Graduate 5 step career development programme with sector induction and 1-2-1 career coaching

Develop specific workshops and skills coaching for businesses that can micro-target their needs

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