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Get ready for a career in Luxury

Sector Specific Induction courses

If you are a student or someone looking to develop a career in Luxury the chances are that you already have a preference for the type of products and brands that you want to work with.


So we have created some specific sector induction courses that will help you to get up and running in a new role, or really shine at your interview.

Taught by tutors with specific working knowledge of these sectors, you will learn the different selling ceremonises that are used in the sector, the types of analysis and reporting that you will need to understand, the language and understanding what the various acronyms mean, and even how the products are made.

We use a workshop-style format to encourage group learning and practical skills development, so it's fun and interactive too. An optional field trip is available, and we include an Industry Simulation exercise with a luxury brand who set you a particular challenge, for you to present your project back to them. It's a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and to get in front of potential real-life employers.

Also, we have a ground-breaking partnership with India's leading Luxury placement team who have contacts with all of the major brands you'll be thinking about - and a few that you might want to consider. Their clients include Gucci, Nicobar, Good Earth, Burberry, and Zegna to name just a few. So when you are 'sector ready', they'll give you the counselling, resume development, and interview training to get you 'job ready'.

These Sector Induction courses are only available as part of a 'Made to Measure' personalised Programme or  our intensive 10 week 'Get ready for a career in Luxury' Programme that has been 'Made to Measure' for people looking for employment in Luxury.

We know just what the Luxury employers are looking for, having been employers ourselves in our own careers, and this exclusive Programme offers you access to industry experts with huge contacts. That will give you the headstart on all of the other candidates competing with you for their first job. 


The 'Get Ready for a career in Luxury' programme not only includes a number of our single courses, and the courses for the sector you're most interested in, but also high quality personal career guidance and interview techniques from our recruitment partner. In fact it has everything that you will need to get the job you want.

Our Promise to you is that ALL students who successfully complete our 'Get ready for a career in Luxury' programme will be guaranteed a job interview with a premium or luxury brand, as recommended by our partners. These interviews are for real jobs with a salary NOT an internship so your career gets a kickstart from day 1.

Available online across India. Offline teaching available in Mumbai.

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1 - Get ready for a career in Luxury

This is our comprehensive Programme for jobseekers wanting to develop their career in Luxury.

You will learn about the definition of Luxury and how you can identify it, the Luxury consumer and how to handle them, how to develop your personal branding to make you suitable for a Luxury career, and interview tips and techniques to give you the best chance of getting the role you want.


Sector Induction - Luxury Fashion Retail

In this specialist course that is taught by tutors with in depth personal experience of the luxury retailing sector you will learn about the different requirements of the consumers, and understand the various roles that are available.

We'll also encourage you to think about the brands you want to target for your career, and how you can align your own personality to the right one.

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Sector Induction - Super Premium Beauty

One of the fastest growing sectors in Luxury in India recently, there are a number of beautiful Home-grown brands as well as the usual western ones to consider.

You will learn how little details make a big difference, and how to engage with the consumer using knowledge and integrity.

Sector Induction - Luxury Car Retail

Not just for boys any longer, the Luxury car sector is becoming popular with High Net Worth women too who appreciate excellent engineering and stunning design.

In this course you will learn how to avoid making mistakes in the selling ceremony and assumptions that could result in 'no sale', and also highlight the need for a spotless environment and service excellence.

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If you want to get a better overall understanding of what a Luxury brand is and how the product strategy supports that positioning then this is the ideal course.

You’ll learn how to create a new Luxury brand and find out how consumers respond differently to innovation. You'll also get some insights into how and why collaborations have become so popular in Luxury, and understand the different sales channel options.

Get ready for a career in Luxury - 5 part Programme
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