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A Selective Approach

Choose the skills that you need to learn with our ‘dip your toes in the water’ step by step approach to finding your future in Luxury.


We understand that some of our students have already been working in business and may have gathered some of the skills that they need to achieve their goals in Luxury, but there will undoubtedly be some important gaps.


So if you want to take a more ‘pick and mix’ approach to pinpoint the areas that you need to improve you should enrol on one or two of our individual courses to get the most out of your learning investment.



You’ll still learn highly practical skills and have the high quality experience that we offer to all of our students. Whilst you are studying with us your tutors will be available to help you, and make sure you learn what you need to by the time you complete your assignment.



Take a look below at the five individual courses that we offer. You’ll see the standard List Price for each course, but we do also have some scholarships available for the students who we believe have the potential to be ‘winners’ in Luxury.


Click here to see what you get with each of our courses. (links to the ‘9 box’ graphic as on the next page)

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1 - How to develop a Purpose-driven Luxury Brand

From personal Purpose to Sustainability in Luxury, this course will introduce you to the different ways that you and your luxury brand can make a difference to the planet.

Learn about new alternative materials and packaging, and how a strong Brand Purpose can deliver better bottom line profits when your company culture supports it.

2 - How to become an Entrepreneur in Luxury

Understanding the Luxury market and how Luxury brands are defined within it is an important first step in your entrepreneurial journey.

You will learn about different business models and discover how your own skills and personality will help you as an entrepreneur. The five steps to getting started reveals the different types of funding and how to get it. 

Courses 2.png
Courses 3.png

3 - How to find your Opportunity in Luxury

Gathering accurate and up to date market intelligence is essential so learning about the six of the best tried and tested techniques of market analysis is important.

You will also learn how to develop an innovative product strategy and deliver great products through an organised NPD process. You’ll learn how the Luxury eco-system opens up a variety of opportunities even for non-brand owners

4 - How to create a Luxury brand

Luxury is much more than just a product. It is the way that you feel when using that product, the image that you want to portray and the emotional value that is created rather than a functional purpose.

You’ll learn how to create a new Luxury brand from the ground up, and develop an understanding of the criteria that define New Luxury so your brand can truly be ‘Luxury’.

CLB course cover image.png
LLB course cover image.png

5 - How to launch a Luxury brand

New retail and media platforms have opened up the Luxury market to new brands and communications in recent years. The need to gather data, analyse it, and use it to improve your customer’s experience is now essential in a successful business.

You will learn how to map your customer’s journey through your brand, improve their brand experience and how to create the imagery that will tell your brand story.

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