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Increase the appeal and reach of your collections to maximise their visibility and increase the commercial potential


We’ll show you how

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I know you know this….

  • You need to be able to sell your art without selling your soul

  • A lack of marketing understanding is impacting public awareness and interest in you and your work

  • You don’t have time or energy to handle it all yourself

  • Attracting visitors to exhibitions and gallery shows is getting harder

  • You have heard about AR being used for interactive experiences but don't know what that opportunity might be for you

  • You could be missing other opportunities to generate income

So you’ll need a solution that provides….

  • High profile and Luxury quality communications skills to attract attention

  • Selective and secure showcasing of the pieces to be sold

  • Opportunities to maximise your income, and prices achieved

  • Cost efficient use of new technology for increased interactivity and memorable experiences

  • A dedicated team to handle the whole project

Here are FOUR ways that we can help you

Design and production of high quality catalogues and social media content for selected pieces to be sold or shown

Design and delivery of website to raise broader awareness and interest in collection

Development of interactive VR/AR campaigns using new technology including private online auctions

Creation and management of PR and offline income generating activities and events for public viewing and private sales

Meet your Project Team

Helen M Cooper

  • Founder & CEO

  • Industry veteran of 35 years

  • Brand strategy & IP specialist

  • Sustainability Evangelist

  • Royal Mint, Virgin, Ruby & Millie

Neena headshot - updated 2023 BW square v4.jpg
Neena L Malhotra
  • Managing Director

  • Luxury Brand Communications

  • Sustainability specialist

  • Tutor at SP Jain, Pearl Academy

  • Former Managing Editor, Elle India

Stuart image_edited.jpg

Stuart Macmillan

  • AI/AR IT integration Specialist

  • Digital transformation and growth

  • UK based with own company

  • Corporate & private clients

Gordon image BW v2.png

Gordon Anderson

  • Website Development Partner

  • Premium & Luxury web design

  • Navigation & functionality expert

  • UK based with own company

  • SME client focus

Email us to find out how we can help you or WhatsApp us on +91 88500 21322

If you’re an artist or gallery curator looking to maximise your work's value you need a team in place that you can trust…

  • We work alongside you to identify the opportunities to promote your work

  • We will use our network of technology specialists to add value to your viewers and 'fans'

  • We have the Luxury branding skills to promote events and private sales

  • We can build a database of interested and serious contacts for longer term relationships

    N.B. Arrangement of any required export documentation & shipping is the responsibility of the seller

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